2012 News

Welsh Local Government Association commission further SSA sessions

The WLGA commissioned Shared Service Architect 2013 sessions for project managers in the Welsh local government collaboration programme. 15 programme managers from the six designated regions attended in March 2012 and a cohort of newly recruited project managers attended the programme in May 2013.

Kent Connect commissions 2013 seminars for their members

Kent Connect provided the three-day Shared Service Architect Programme for their members in Jan 2013 as part of their joint working programme across the Kent public sector.

Local Government Association commissions Collaboration and Shared Service Leadership Workshops

In 2012 the LGA commissioned SSA to run Shared Services Leadership From The Top for Council Members. The sessions were very successful with very high evaluations scores. As a result a new set of sessions were commissioned by LGA for early 2013.


Cohort 5 of the Postgraduate Certificate in Shared Services in Oct 2012

A new cohort of public sector leaders and managers started on the postgraduate certificate on 10th October 2012. The students have six taught sessions with lecturers and the balance of the time is self-study. The certificate is divided into three sections. Firstly the Shared Service Architect's programme, secondly an academic review of topics relating to collaboration change management and finally the creation of a shared service road map for an employer.

SSA asked to speak at Welsh LGA Finance Conference Oct 2012

Following successful Shared Service Architect taught sessions in Wales earlier in 2012, Dominic Wallace from SSA was asked to speak at the Welsh LGA Finance Conference in Cardiff on the 5th October. Dominic took Cllrs through the steps involved before choosing shared services as a possible solution to efficiency or improvement activities.

CIPFA continue to deliver the Shared Service Architect's programme to their members

CIPFA delivered the Shared Service Architect's Programme into Hastings Council and East Sussex Council over Summer 2012. They requested further taught sessions for their individual members for Winter 2012/13.

Huntingdonshire Matters uses Shared Service Architect methodologies for incubating new local services

Over seventy representatives of public and third sector organisations in Huntingdonshire attended a "collaboration incubator" day, in September 2012, facilitated by Manny Gatt from Shared Service Architecture Ltd. The purpose of the day was to choose and set local priorities for the organisations to collaborate on. Using the "collaboration incubator" system developed by SSA, three priority areas were chosen by the group with dates set for further actions.

Chief Fire Officers' Association to partner with SSA on delivery of shared service learning

The CFOA asked its members for expressions of interest in senior managers attending the Shared Service Architect's programme in 2013. There is growing interest in F&R over alliances, shared services and potential mergers. Managers placed into leading these roles will benefit from skills and knowledge development.

157 Group use SSA to develop a Delphi study on the future of FE

Over the Summer of 2012, the 157 Group of major FE Colleges contracted SSA to develop a Delphi study on the future of FE colleges in the world of austerity, business needs and IT improvements. SSA facilitated visioning sessions and online surveys to bring together the views from some of the leading FE college specialists.

4th Cohort of the Postgraduate Certificate in Shared Service completes the programme

11 more students on the Postgradute Certificate in Shared Services from Canterbury Christ Church University have completed their six month programme. The students came from a wide range of backgrounds including Home Office, Universities in Ireland and the Northwest, the FE sector and local government. This takes the number who have been through the programme to over 40.

SSA partner with the Leadership Foundation for Higher Education on Shared Service Leadership From The Top

The Leadership Foundation for Higher Education (LFHE) provides a dedicated service of support and advice on leadership, governance and management for all the UK's universities and higher education colleges. On the 5th July, SSA facilitated the first of a number of sessions across 2012, for leaders and senior managers in HE to help them develop a strategic approach for shared service activity in their institutions. Facilitating with SSA will be Graham Rogers, Deputy Vice Chancellor Learning Support, University of Wales, Newport. Graham holds the Postgraduate Certificate in Shared Services and is a recognised Shared Service Architect.


HouseMark Executive Directors Forum invite SSA to deliver shared service session

HouseMark is jointly owned by the Chartered Institute of Housing (CIH) and the National Housing Federation (NHF),  and is the social housing sector’s leading provider of performance improvement services. Shared Services is an emerging theme for Housing Associations and Dominic Wallace from SSA has been invited to deliver a session on the following themes:

  • Up to 60% of private/public sector shared services fail to deliver the promise of the business case – how can you put your partnerships into the 40% success category?
  • How do you know if you have the ‘collaborative leadership’ skills to lead beyond the boundaries of your organisation?
  • What are the three, key first steps that will set your organisation on the road to finding the right partners?

Dominic will set the theme for this session by bringing learning from the private, academic and public sector as a starting point for the group discussion


SSA gave a keynote session at the CFOA ICT Managers’ Conference on 16 – 17 May 2012

SSA was invited to deliver a keynote workshop for the delegates at the Chief Fire Officers’ Association ICT Managers’ conference in May.  The conference title was “Collaboration: addressing challenges through partnership”.

The conference programme states: “As the effects of the current financial climate continue to bite, a number of public service organisations are in a position where they have already made initial efficiencies and savings and are now looking further afield to meet the next round of targets under the comprehensive spending review. Having exhausted many of the internal opportunities, many public services are looking outside themselves to a range of external organisations to secure greater savings and efficiency through partnership with a broad range of other organisations. The fire sector is no exception, and a recent review amongst Fire Service ICT Managers highlighted not only a rich variety of current partnership projects, but also a high degree of enthusiasm for the opportunities they are bringing to respective Fire and Rescue Services and, it has to be said, to individual ICT managers.”


SSA teach at Warwick University Solicitors In Local Government Business Managers’ Week

SSA tutor Dominic Wallace was asked to teach a two-hour session on the impact of shared services on local government solicitors as part of the SLG weekend school.  He emphasised how important it is that local government solicitors are involved from the beginning of shared service discussions, not after all the key decisions have been made, saying “Because they leave your involvement to the end, you are often seen as the fun spoilers because you point out the illegal decisions they have made!”.  The conference organisers wrote, “I really appreciate you taking the time to come to Warwick to present to us and the feedback was all excellent, the group really finding the subject interesting and relevant.”


Leadership Foundation for Higher Education (LFHE) commission SSA programme for the HE sector

Starting in July 2012, the Leadership Foundation for Higher Education offered the Shared Service Architect’s seminars to senior managers from across the UK HE sector as part of their management development programmes.  The HE sector is at an early stage of development of collaboration, merger and alliance activity (their language for shared services) and skills and knowledge development will be key to the development of the sector.


Local Government Association SSA programme wins “excellent” evaluations from Councillors

SSA delivered two “Leadership From The Top Sessions” for the Local Government Association at Cambridge and Warwick Universities in March 2012.  In the two cohorts were Leaders and Members for Councils from across England who wanted to develop their understanding of the leadership role in shared service activity.  The LGA have confirmed that the evaluations from both events were possibly the highest scoring evaluations they have received.  As a result SSA were asked to put forward a proposal for delivering another four sessions over 2012/13. For more details on the Leadership From The Top programme click here.


100% of Welsh practitioner cohort recommend the SSA programme

In March 2012, SSA delivered a two-day pilot programme for the Welsh Local Government Association, for 17 shared service practitioners. When asked if the WLGA should commission further events for colleagues, 100% say “Yes”. The practitioners are from the six regional areas, based on police and health boundaries, marked out by Carl Sargeant for collaboration.


4th Cohort sets out on the Postgraduate Certificate in Shared Services

10 new senior managers from across the public sector have joined the 4th cohort of the Canterbury Christ Church University Postgraduate Certificate in Shared Services. The six month programme comprises a mix of taught modules, the development of an evidence portfolio demonstrating how students are applying their learning and written assessments. Each module carries 20 Masters level credits. Over 50 senior managers have now embarked on the postgraduate certificate and over 700 have attended one or more of the Shared Service Architect’s programme seminars from the first module.


SSA were major sponsors for the CAPITA ‘Driving Forward Shared Services In The Public Sector Conference’ 21st March 2012

SSA agreed to sponsor the CAPITA shared service conference this year as part of the awareness raising activity for the professionalization of shared service practitioners. The conference was held in London on the 21st March.

The Chair was Cllr Gary Porter, Member Champion for the Shared Service Workstream of the LGA – and Leader of South Holland District Council.

Cllr Porter is also a registered Shared Service Architect and holds the Postgraduate Certificate in Shared Services from Canterbury Christ Church University.

Click here for more details of the conference 


Shared Service Architect’s Programme gets 90% excellence rating from senior local government managers

10 senior managers from West Midlands' local government and fire and rescue attended an IEWM 2 day pilot of the Shared Service Architect’s programme on the 18th and 19th January 2012 in Birmingham. The majority of the managers had experience in shared service and collaboration activity. 

In the evaluations, which can be read here 9 out of the 10 confirmed that their seminar experience was excellent and the 10th scored their experience as good. Click here to see full details of the programme.


CIPFA offer the Shared Service Architect’s Programme to their membership during 2012

CIPFA have offered the Shared Service Architect’s Programme to their members since 2010 with excellent feedback from those who have attended.  The workshops are open to members and non-members. The two day pilot programme is part of the national postgraduate certificate in shared services.


Shared Service Architects to lead workshop session at the LFHE/HEFCE “Future Proofing Higher Education Conference”

Dominic Wallace, SSA’s Director of Learning and Development, spoke at the conference on 25th Jan 2012. The conference launched the joint LF/Hefce £1 million Innovation and Transformation Fund (ITF), aimed at energising change across the sector. A key stimulus was the recent UUK report on Efficiencies, Effectiveness and Modernisation.


LSIS and 157 Group appoint SSA to deliver the Shared Service Architect’s Programme to shared service project colleges

LSIS and the 157 Group are collaborating to develop the shared service capacity across specific groups of senior managers within the Further Education Sector. As part of that process, SSA were appointed to deliver the Shared Service Architect’s Programme to those groups of senior managers across the country, during the first quarter of 2012. For more details please contact Manny Gatt at SSA.


English Local Government Association adopt, and adapt, the SSA 'Leadership From The Top' taught sessions

The LGA commissioned SSA to deliver a two day 'Leadership From The Top' session, at Warwick University, to invited Members in March of 2012. SSA’s successful “Leadership From The Top” sessions provide a mix of taught shared service knowledge and skills, with practical exploration by elected Members from Councils. Contact Dominic Macdonald-Wallace for more details.


South West Councils and SSA offer the Shared Service Architect’s Programme for public sector managers in the South West

Following a successful shared service conference by South West Councils in November 2011, they collaborated with SSA to offer the Shared Service Architect’s Progamme to Councils in the South West of England. The sessions were in Feb/March 2012.


Improvement and Efficiency West Midlands offer the Shared Service Architect’s Programme to senior managers

IEWM piloted the Shared Service Architect’s Programme in January 2012 for a number of invited senior managers who are new to shared services. This was an invitation only event.