SSA 2013 News

SSA commissioned to work with Health Education East Midlands

Health Education East Midlands have appointed SSA to work with them to review current ways of collaborative working and the potential for a system wide approach to workforce development.


Three new Collaborative Leadership toolboxes published by SSA

After almost 18 months of research and development, SSA have published three new Collaborative Leadership toolboxes to support the public sector.  The toolboxes are also part of the materials for the Postgraduate Certificate in Collaborative Leadership at the University of Derby.  The toolboxes provide almost 100 new tools to support collaborative leadership within organisations, between organisations and across communities.  Click here to learn more.


East Herts LSP appoints SSA to work on local partnership

The East Herts LSP has appointed SSA to facilitate a review of their LSP governance and develop a collaborative incubator structure for future application.


Kent Connects appoints SSA to facilitate closer collaborative working across their membership

Kent Connects is an alliance of public service providers including all the Kent and Medway authorities, Kent Police, Kent Fire & Rescue Service and NHS Kent and Medway.  They have developed many effective areas of collaborative working between these organisations and their ambition is to provide more collaborative opportunities in 2014.  SSA have been asked to facilitate the workshop to begin that process.


SSA appointed to work with Suffolk CC and Suffolk Police Crime Commissioner

SSA have been facilitating discussions between Suffolk CC, Suffolk Fire, Suffolk Police and Crime Commissioner and Suffolk Police on the potential for improved joint working between the police and fire services.


CIPFA and SSA agree 2014 CIPFA Shared Services Programme

CIPFA are offering the three-day SS(PRAC) programme in 2014 in a new style to their members.  There will be a taster day of the Highway Code of Shared Services, followed a month later by the Trust and Shared Vision and Business Case workshops.  The ambition is to provide CIPFA members with more choice over which of the three days they attend.


Record numbers of students expected to apply for the 2013/14 cohort of the Postgraduate Certificate in Shared Services

Record numbers of students are expected to apply for the next cohort of the Postgraduate Certificate in Shared Services as a result of central and local government support funding being provided to boost the capabilities in public sector shared service working. The Northern Ireland Government, Kent Councils and a Welsh sponsor have all offered support grants, either in full, or as a contribution to student fees.

SSA launches new Postgrad Certificate in Collaborative Leadership with University of Derby

After almost 12 months of preparation, SSA and University of Derby are launching a Postgraduate Certificate in Collaborative Leadership for public purpose leaders who are required to lead beyond the boundaries of their organisation. It will:

  • Increase their personal effectiveness as a collaborative leader
  • Help them more readily spot, and respond to, collaborative opportunities
  • Transform their organisation through better internal collaboration and innovation
  • Work more effectively in partnership with other organisations to deliver efficiency saving and improved service outcomes
  • Better engage and support community-based collaborative activities and solutions

 For more details about the Public Sector Collaborative Leadership Programme, click here.


Chief Fire Officers' Association commission further SS(PRAC) seminars for the sector

Starting in July 2013, CFOA offered the Shared Service Practitioner seminars across the fire service in the UK. This comes at an important time when there is national discussion about combining neighbouring forces into larger units - or even a single FRS for England. Already CFOA has provided the programme to over 20 senior managers in FRSs in England.

Edition 8 of Shared Service Architect magazine is released

You can now download Edition 8 of the Shared Service Architect Magazine from the SSA website. It has over 40 pages of case studies, tools, templates and techniques for practitioners and shared service managers.

Record number of Shared Service Practitioners qualify in May 2013

May 2013 holds the record for the most Shared Service Practitioners to be qualified in one month. 56 people attended seminars in May and 43 of them completed the full three-day programme. The students were all senior managers from fire and rescue, local government and central government including DWP and central procurement organisations. The number of students now eligible for Shared Service Practitioner recognition is over 200.

SSA MD judges LocalGov Shared Service Awards

Manny Gatt, CEO of Shared Service Architecture Ltd and Laura Sharman, Digital Editor of LocalGov were the judges in the 2013 Shared Service Awards at the beginning of May 2013.  The winner was Babergh District Council/Mid Suffolk District Council.

English LGA commission further Leadership From The Top sessions

The English LGA have commissioned further Leadership From The Top sessions to be led by SSA tutors. The sessions bring together Council Leaders and Chief Executives to look at the problems that collaborative leadership can resolve. Two sessions were delivered in 2012/13 and the further two will take place in this financial year.

Welsh LGA put 18 project managers through the SS(PRAC)™ programme

The Welsh Local Government association has used ESF money to fund 18 of its collaboration project managers through the Shared Service Practitioner three-day programme. The ambition is to accelerate the take-up of collaboration projects across Wales in response to the reductions in local authority budgets. Over 80% of the delegates evaluated the sessions as excellent and a number have expressed interest in the Postgraduate Certificate in Shared Services so that they can gain Shared Service Architect recognition.

Student places on the Shared Service Practitioner programme exceed 1,000 in Feb 2013

The number of student places on the Shared Service Practitioner programme exceeded 1,000 in Feb 2013. The programme, launched in co-operation with Canterbury Christ Church University and other partners in 2010, has been adopted across England and Wales as the primary taught programme for public purpose senior managers who will work on shared service and collaborations projects. CIPFA, the LGA, Welsh LGA, Planning Advisory Service, CFOA, 157 Group, RSC Northern Ireland, Kent Connect and AoC are among the organisations who have provided opportunities and funding for key managers to attend the programme for their sector.

Minister Brandon Lewis and Steve Butcher from HEFCE present certificates to new shared service graduates

Following in the footsteps of Sir Merrick Cockell and Baroness Hanham, Minister Brandon Lewis and Steve Butcher, Head of Procurement and Shared Service Development at HEFCE presented postgraduate certificates to the latest cohort of Shared Service Architects. Click here for more...


SSA 2013 Textbooks now available

The three key SSA textbooks covering building trust and vision between partners, drafting shared service business cases and collaborative innovation were revised for 2013 and are now available for £59 each from the SSA website. Click here for details.

Planning Advisory Service commissions SSA sessions

PAS commissioned two sets of Shared Service Practitioner programmes for planners from across the UK. They took place in March 2013 and were open to all planners who may be involved in shared service activity this year.

CFOA seminars a great success

Despite heavy snow, an almost full cohort of FRS delegates attended CFOA's first roll out of the Shared Service Architect's Programme at their head office in Tamworth. The evaluations evidenced that the delegates felt the programme to be excellent and the majority would like to complete SS(PRAC) recognition, with many expressing interest in the postgrad certificate.

2013 started with a wide set of newly commissioned seminars from SSA clients

The English Local Government Association, Welsh Local Government Association, Chief Fire Officers' Association, CIPFA, JISC RSC Northern Ireland and Kent Connect all commissioned taught sessions from SSA in the first quarter of 2013. See the SSA seminar section on this website for more details of the publicly open programmes. 


Cohort 6 of the Postgraduate Certificate in Shared Services in Feb 2013

The UK’s national Postgraduate Certificate in Public Sector Collaboration and Shared Services took place in Feb 2013. Over 50 senior leaders and managers from the UK and internationally have been through the six month programme.


SSA to pilot Shared Service Peer Challenges with SEEMP

South East Employers and Shared Service Architecture Ltd are offering Collaboration or Shared Service Peer Challenges to council partnerships across the south east of England. Dominic Wallace, Director of Learning and Development at SSA writes that, “ A CoSS Peer Challenge acts like a gateway review, shining a light on what is causing the Cost Of Delay. In doing so it re-energises a project to deliver the efficiency and improvement gains as soon as possible. Bringing external peer challenge to either a collaboration activity or a shared service project can help you re-energise it. It will provide your leadership with agreed ‘next steps’ and a set of tools, templates and techniques for your delivery team to implement the steps.” Contact for further details.


“Shared Service Leadership From The Top” is now available as a 2-hour seminar

In 2012 the Local Government Association commissioned SSA to develop a one-day programme for councillors to help them understand the importance of Leadership From The Top in collaborations and shared services. These sessions scored some of the highest evaluations the LGA has experienced.
Since then, many organisations have asked for a shorter, but still effective, session that could be used as part of away days or half-day board meetings. SSA have developed a two hour session, that can equip your decision-makers with the knowledge to work effectively in the highly complex space of collaboration and shared service activity, and avoid gambling with the success or failure of their involvement. Find out more >>>