2014 News

SSA has record year for delegates/students
Almost 900 students/delegates have attended SSA tutored or facilitated sessions during 2014, making it the most succcessful year yet. MD Manny Gatt says that the addition of the Collaborative Leadership Programme and almost 100 new tools, templates and techniques for use in the public sector collaborative working was the catalyst for the growth. Almost 150 students/delegates are booked onto SSA programmes in Jan/Feb 2015 already, funded by collaboration bid monies.


SSA Thanks Partners For Successful Year
In 2013/14, almost £200m has been poured into stimulating collaborative working by the DoH, Home Office, CLG, HEFCE and Cabinet Office. And there is more money to come in 2015-16. Leaders and project teams unskilled in collaborative working will waste a lot of this money bumbling about making the mistakes of the past, therefore skills development is seen as a key to success. So thank you to the LGA, Welsh LGA, CIPFA, CFOA, University of Derby, Canterbury Christ Church University and other partners who have supported us in the development and delivery of collaborative working seminars and workshops, and also to our many direct clients who have commissioned SSA sessions for their leadership and staff.


Kent & Essex Police Forces Adopt SS(PRAC) programme for 2015
14 project leads and managers from Kent & Essex  Police Forces will be jointly completing the SS(PRAC) programme in Feburary 2015


CIPFA Advisers Complete SS(PRAC) programme
10 Leeds based CIPFA advisers completed the three day SS(PRAC) programme in October 2014. This supports the CIPFA working to support their membership in collaborative and shared services working.


Cherwell, South-Northants and Stratford Councils adopt SSA Collaborative Working Programme
The Cherwell, South-Northants and Stratford Councils confederation programme have commissioned SSA sessions for almost 100 of their senior managers to create the "confederation way of working" on shared service projects. The programme will be rolled out in January and February 2015.


SSA put tools online so they can be used more widely
Since inception in 2008, SSA has developed over 200 tools, templates and techniques for use in collaborative working across the UK public sector. The tools have been  in printed "text book" style toolkits which has limted the accessibility for staff within over 500 organisations who have adopted the SSA methodology. From January 2015 SSA will be offering to license the tools to organisations, so that they can be downloaded as PDFs and distributed across all employees who may benefit from them. 


11 Students Join Cohort 11 Of The Postgraduate Certificate In Shared Services
A group of new students embarked on the Cohort 11 of the Canterbury Christ Church University Postgraduate Certificate. The students, with backgrounds from across the public sector, will, if successful, graduate in May of 2015 and be given Shared Service Architect recognition by SSA.


Canterbury Christ Church University sponsors SSA Collaborative Transformation taster sessions for Kent public sector organisations
Following on from the success of the CCCU Collaborative Transformation conference in June 2014, the university and GOETEC asked SSA to deliver a three hour taster session to encourage take up of the Postgraduate Certificate in Shared Services. The session was held in Sept 2014.


North and East Notts CCGs put 19 staff on SSA programme
Staff from the North Nottinghamshire CCG and East Nottinghamshire CCG attended a one day session in Sept 2014 on collaborative working in the health and social care sector. The tutor for the sessions was Manny Gatt, MD of Shared Service Architecture who has been working with the Health Sector on development of collaborative working programmes for CCGs.


SSA provide a Collaborative Leadership taster session to 15 advisers in the Public Sector Transformation Network
Dominic Macdonald-Wallace delivered a Collaborative Leadership Session for advisers from the PSTN at Manchester Town Hall on 12th August 2014. Each was provided with a set of tools and templates that they can use in their work on PSTN activities.


University of Derby send senior managers on Collaborative Leadership Within Your Organisation session
Nine staff from University of Derby attended an SSA Collaborative Leadership Within Your Organisation, one day session as part of the university change programme.


Health Education East Midlands fund SSA Collaborative Working session (July 2014)
HEEM will fund 17 managers from across East Midlands' health groups and CCGs to attend SSA Collaborative Working Sessions


East Midlands Councils host an introduction to collaborative leadership for Councillors
In July a group of 11 Councillors will attend a one day session on the SSA Collaborative Leadership Programme as part of applying for transformation funding from the LGA.


Gwynedd Council Offer a staff taster session on SSA Collaborative Working Tools
SSA Director of Leadership and Development, Dominic Macdonald-Wallace, has been asked to deliver a “taster day”, in June 2014, for the management of Gwynedd Council in North Wales as the first step in taking their current collaborative working strategy to a next stage.

24 New Shared Service Architects complete the Postgraduate Certificate in Shared Services
Following a Canterbury Christ Church Examination Board meeting in May 2014, 24 senior managers from across the public sector were awarded passes in the Postgraduate Certificate in Shared Services. As a result of the award, they will also be granted Shared Service Architect Recognition.


West Berkshire Council adopts the SSA Collaborative Leadership Programme
West Berkshire Council have adopted the full three day SSA Collaborative Leadership Programme as part of their overall Leadership Development planning. The first events will be rolled out in June 2014.


Teignbridge-Exeter-East Devon Partnership facilitated by SSA
Manny Gatt, MD of SSA, has been asked to facilitate sessions between the leaders of the three Devon Councils to develop their collaborative working shared vision.


Medical Committees adopt SS(PRAC) programme for General Practitioner groups
SSA has been commissioned to deliver a pilot Shared Service Practitioner Programme for Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire’s local Medical Committees, these are the organisations that represent and support local NHS General Practitioners and their practices. The sessions will take place in May/June 2014.


Basingstoke & Deane Council host Collaborative Leadership Session in June 2014
Chas Bradfield, from SSA partner Bradfield Solutions Ltd, is offering free two hour “taster sessions” on the SSA Collaborative Leadership programme on 23rd June. The sessions are being hosted at Basingstoke and Dean Council. Chas is an ex-local government deputy chief executive and lectures in leadership at the Open University.


Cardiff Council Leadership Session
Manny Gatt, MD of SSA, has been asked to be part of a team facilitating sessions between the leadership of Cardiff Council in May 2014.


Ashfield & Mansfield Shared Service Review facilitated by SSA
Ashfield and Mansfield Councils have asked SSA to facilitate and away day, in May 2014, for their senior management to review the success of shared working during 2012/13 and identify next steps that will accelerate their shared service programme.


Accelerating Public Sector Transformation Conference – 27th June 2014, sponsored by SSA
Canterbury Christ Church University Business School, Kent Connects and SSA are partnering to deliver this free conference at the university. Click here for details of the conference.


SSA Directors to support the EELGA Transformation Challenge Event
The East Of England Local Government Association are to deliver a workshop on 13th June 2014 to develop the regional approach to applying to the Transformation Challenge Award. The event in Cambridge will help local authorities understand how the TCA money has been accessed and used in other places and how you might benefit from a future TCA bid. There will be opportunities for both district, county and unitary authorities to bid for the funds. SSA MD Manny Gatt and Terry Huggins, SSA Associate Director, have been asked to facilitate two of the conference sessions.


Derby City Council Adult Health & Social Care Directorate CLW day
22 managers from Derby City Council Adult Health & Social Care Directorate will attend a Collaborative Leadership Within Your Organisation workshop in May 2014.


Over 1,000 Shared Service Practitioners register for SSA Website
Over 1,000 senior managers from the public and private sector, who are working on collaborative projects and shared services, have registered on the SSA website to receive the benefits of the website. These include a weekly email update on collaborative working news, collaborative working jobs and access to the online library.


London Borough of Sutton adopt the SSA Collaborative Leadership Programme
The London Borough of Sutton have chosen to put their SMT through the three day Collaborative Leadership Programme as part of their development of the council as a commissioning organisation.


SSA Tutor invited to deliver at the National Fire College
Dominic Macdonald-Wallace, who lectures on the Postgraduate Certificate in Shared Services and Postgraduate Certificate in Collaborative Leadership has been invited to deliver a session on collaborative working to 22 seminar Fire & Rescue managers who are on the Fire College Executive Leadership Programme.


Nottinghamshire Police adopt the SSA Collaborative Leadership Programme
Nottinghamshire Police have adopted the three day SSA Collaborative Leadership Programme as part of their development of the skills and knowledge of staff to work in both Blue Light and Community Collaborations.


CIPFA Consultancy Team gain SS(PRAC) recognition
A group of eight CIPFA consultants have gained SS(PRAC) recognition in a special three day programme provided for CIPFA in February and March 2014. CIPFA has partnered with SSA to provide the Shared Service Practitioner programme to its members.


SSA delivers to Cohort 5 of the CFOA Shared Service Practitioner Programme
SSA tutors, Alasdair Robertson and Dominic Macdonald-Wallace have delivered the 5th Cohort of the CFOA Shared Service Practitioner programme across April/May 2014. The evaluations evidenced 85% excellence and the balance as good.


SSA commissioned to work with Health Education East Midlands
Health Education East Midlands have appointed SSA to work with them to review current ways of collaborative working and the potential for a system wide approach to workforce development.


Three new Collaborative Leadership toolboxes published by SSA
After almost 18 months of research and development, SSA have published three new Collaborative Leadership toolboxes to support the public sector.  The toolboxes are also part of the materials for the Postgraduate Certificate in Collaborative Leadership at the University of Derby.  The toolboxes provide almost 100 new tools to support collaborative leadership within organisations, between organisations and across communities. Click here to learn more.