Collaborative Leadership Between Organisations

How can leaders work together to secure wider system value through sharing and collaborating?

About this Course

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This one day seminar explores collaborative leadership from an inter-organisational perspective:

  • It explores the potential collaborative benefits resulting when leaders align their respective organisational purposes to a shared goal.
  • It will shed light on the human dynamics of collaborative working between organisations and the role leaders play in setting the tone and behaviours that underpin powerful partnerships.
  • Crucially it will help you secure new ways of joint working by shifting your organisations transformation energies from an internal to a collaborative focus.

How can you as a leader build sustainable and powerful partnerships the deliver better outcomes?

If you do so successfully, it will result in two outcomes:

  1. Your collaborative leadership will help foster a ‘positive collaborative culture’ across the partnership leading to more rapid cross-organisational service innovations gains
  2. You will achieve more effective outcomes through better joint commissioning and partnership working.

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What will you cover?

Leading with a shared purpose
Shared leadership and aligned organisational purposes

Building powerful partnerships
Exploring the options and models for successful inter-organisational collaboration

Collaborative performance
Jointly improving services to secure enhanced value added

You will do this by examining:

  • Equipping yourself for the journey
  • Understanding your landscape
  • Identify the problem
  • Innovation
  • Capacity building
  • Safeguarding the process

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