Collaborative Leadership Within Your Organisation

How can leaders deliver value through better collaborative working within their organisation?

About this course

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This one day seminar explores collaborative leadership from an organisation’s internal perspective:

  • It seeks to shed light on the strategic context for collaboration between departments, silos and management.
  • It will increase the repertoire of collaborative options available to you as a leader, and help you gauge internal stakeholder interest and appetite for collaboration.
  • Crucially it will help you to develop and nurture a culture of collaborative working within your organisation.

How can you as a leader build a culture of collaboration within your organisation?

If you do so successfully, it will result in two outcomes:

  1. Your collaborative in-house working will generate efficiency or improvement gains that were not available if departments or services continued to work in silos.
  2. When your organisation is successful at internal collaboration, external partnership working will be more readily achieved. You will have what the academics call Collaborative Advantage.

At the centre of all this is you, the collaborative leader. Leading internally, and sometimes beyond your departmental, or service, boundaries.

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What will you cover?

Assessing the Environment
Interpreting the collaborative landscape both externally and internally

Collaborative Agility
Exploring the strategic options for collaboration

Collaborative Advantage
Developing and nurturing a culture of collaboration

You will do this by examining:

  • Equipping yourself for the journey
  • Understanding your landscape
  • Identify the problem
  • Innovation
  • Capacity building
  • Safeguarding the process

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