Become a Collaborative Transformation Architect

If collaborative transformation is a multi-million pound change management ssa qualification bubble1programme, then we need well equipped, skilled and knowledgeable people to develop and lead them. The days of ‘have a go heroes’ are over.

What is a Collaborative Transformation or Shared Service Architect?

A Collaborative Transformation Architect (CTArc™) or Shared Service Architect (SSA™) is an accredited  practitioner who has gone on to complete the six month Postgraduate Certificate in Collaborative Transformation (or Shared Services) or an equivalent qualification, and can evidence that they have substantial experience in shared service or collaboration settings.

In addition to completing the CTPrac™ programme they will have evidenced that they have an academic understanding of collaborative transformation and shared services and can develop roadmaps/business plans for employers.

They have the skills, knowledge and experience to be appointed to lead the development of a shared service project or programme. CTArcs have a high market value.

The need for CTArcs and the skills they require was evidenced in research undertaken at Canterbury Christ Church University in 2009. Interviews and case studies of existing shared service projects showed that “...76% of project managers wished they had spent more time, at the initiation stage, building trust and full stakeholder engagement at all levels.”

So, a CTArc™ requires a distinct set of soft skills and specific knowledge to design the governance and trust journey for the partners, through the initiation stage of the project. It is unlikely that they will be involved in the subsequent development of “hard-wiring” the service delivery.

CTArcs also find themselves recruited to use their specialist skills to revive shared services that may have stalled.

How can you acquire the skills of a Shared Service or Collaborative Transformation Architect?

Shared Service Architecture Ltd is providing the learning environment for you to become a Collaborative Transformation or Shared Service Architect. In association with Canterbury Christ Church University we have developed taught foundation sessions to rapidly equip you with a minimum set of skills, tools and techniques and the basic knowledge of vehicles, acts and other laws that SSAs need to be aware of.

The research identified that the minimum expectation of a Collaborative Transformation or Shared Service Architect is that they will be confident in the following skills and knowledge:

  1. A wide knowledge of the designs and good practice of established collaborative transformation or shared services across the private and public sector, that can be applied when initiating new projects.
  2. An ability to apply the specific techniques of building trust and robust governance between the senior representatives of the organisations working on the initiation of a shared service.
  3. Recruiting, influencing and embedding an initial collaborative transformation or shared service development team from across the partners in the open knowledge that some may lose their posts if the project is successful.
  4. A sound understanding of the constraints that the 12 acts of parliament, 13 statutory vehicles, EU procurement rules, two HR Acts and the Data Protection Act place on the design of shared services. 

In addition to the taught sessions there is support through:

  1. The publication of the Shared Service Architect's Toolboxes
  2. Publication of Collaborative Transformation Magazine providing case studies, reviews and reflections to enhance learning
  3. Providing access to case studies and materials through the SSA™ online library of over 600 documents and reports
  4. Mentoring and facilitation support to build collaborative transformation or shared service strength within and across organisations, increasing their capacity to develop a number of services at once
  5. Mentoring and facilitation to equip a collaborative transformation or shared service partnership to sustain its momentum or revive its activity 

To discuss becoming a recognised Collaborative Transformation or Shared Service Architect, please contact