Build your partnership project managers' shared service skills and knowledge

Shared services are multi-million pound change management programmes that need skilled and knowledgeable development and management.

So please don’t thrust your senior managers into shared services without equipping them with the skills and knowledge required to be successful. If you do not equip them, your project will stumble to success or failure as your team learn on the job. It will increase the cost of delay for your project.

Consider instead the “invest to save” option of developing a partnership-wide team of shared service practitioners capable of successfully initiating shared service solutions.

Imagine the benefits your partnership would derive from an in-house team skilled in fostering and sustaining the trust between partners, up-to-date on the legal issues and technical barriers to sharing and capable of bringing shared service business cases to fruition rapidly.

The directors and visiting lecturers from Shared Service Architects have developed a wide number of partnership project manager programmes to equip your partnership team with the skills and knowledge to work effectively in shared service activity. Click here to download the Shared Service Architects' brochure.

If you would like to know more about an in-house programme for your partnership, please contact