Building strong trust and a shared vision across your partnership

Why do so many compelling shared service business cases languish on the shelves in public sector organisations, despite detailing significant service improvements and efficiency gains?

The academic study of shared services is called ‘Inter-Organisational Relationships' (IOR). When coupled with our recent research into public sector shared service projects, it indicates that shared services are only successful if there exists:

  1. Strong trust between the partnership organisations

  2. A genuinely co-created vision across the partners, their customers and staff of what the new, better service will look and feel like when it is finished.

Both are key to success and must be in place before a business case is commissioned.

Shared services is principally a human and political endeavour not a technical exercise. Trust building and vision is too important to be left to others from outside the partnership to secure. The best shared services happen when the leaders, managers and staff from across the partnership actively own the trust building and visioning process.

We have researched, developed and validated the ‘how to’ tools and techniques that will allow you to own the trust building and visioning process.

We can provide you with a menu of taught or facilitated sessions to help your in-house shared service team build trust and a common vision in your collaborations. This is especially valuable in the early days of partnership development.


Contact to have an informal discussion about your partnership and its current challenges around building trust and shared visions.