Collaborative Communications Toolkit

A new toolkit and one-day seminar for Communications and Programme Managers who are responsible for multi-partner, multi-stakeholder communications, often with limited resources or specialist skills.


£425 + VAT per delegate (with discounts for two or more delegate bookings)

journey map for draft page

What’s the problem?

Effective communications are essential to the success of collaborative partnerships and shared services.  However, few have a dedicated communications budget or resource.

This leaves Communications and Programme Managers struggling to develop effective partnership comms strategies, often fire-fighting situations that an effective collaborative communications strategy could have avoided.

How can they deal with the situation where partners and stakeholder communications are low on the leadership team’s agenda, under-resourced, or left to the potential bias of one partner who volunteers to be the comms lead?

This new SSA toolkit and one-day supporting seminar is to help managers responsible for collaborative communications in:

  • Combined Authorities and City Deals
  • Blue Light Transformation
  • Shared Services
  • Health and Social Care Integration
  • Cross-NHS Collaborations
  • Joint-Ventures
  • Multi-partner Community Engagement
  • Mergers and New Unitary Programmes

Contributing to the solution…

Working together, Blue Heron Communications and Shared Service Architecture have developed and successfully piloted a new collaborative communications toolkit and one-day seminar. It maps the communications strategy across the steps in the collaborative transformation journey shown above.

Delegates will leave, equipped with a set of effective collaborative communications tools, templates and techniques that will enable them to glue the partnership activity together and proactively address collaborative communications problems before they happen. The tools and templates can be implemented immediately and will accelerate the progress of the collaboration.

Here are examples of the tools, templates and techniques that are in the Collaborative Communications Toolkit:

Tool CCom 0.02 Back to the floor - V2 DMW 11-08-15

Tool CCom 0.01 What Could Go Wrong - V2 DMW 11-08-15

21 HC HF Tim Smith SSAM article - V2 JF 05-03-15