Do you need to revive (or exit) your partnership?

Sharing services is fundamentally a human and political endeavour not a technical one.

Partnerships can succeed or break on the quality and nature of personal relationships and trust built between people from across the organisations participating. 

Like all relationships, there will be peaks and troughs, advancements and exits. Circumstances do change and sometimes the participants are too close to the issues to see a way forward, so projects begin to drift.

Also it can be difficult for partnerships to be closed. It has been likened to 'breaking off an engagement'. A partner doesn't want to go through the angst of breaking the relationship off, but doesn't want to be seen to have broken up the partnership because of potential reputational damage.

Shared Service Architects' lecturers and practitioners can provide you with a choice of facilitated sessions to help you either revive and re-invigorate, or manage a positive exit from a partnership. For example:

  1. Partnership decision maker meetings to identify if the shared vision is still strong, or if it needs to be reviewed

  2. Senior management meetings to put in place a re-invigoration plan

  3. Partnership decision maker meetings to work through with the partners how the project should be closed and reputational damage limited for all partners


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