Download Free Sample Tools, Templates & Techniques

Our four shared service toolboxes contain over 100 proven tools templates and techniques designed to help you co-create successful shared service solutions with your partners.


Written with academic underpinning, coupled with a sharp practitioner's eye, the tools are simple to apply and specifically designed so that you can read them in the morning and be applying them in the afternoon.

Our suite of toolboxes also double up as the textbooks for the Postgraduate Certificate in Shared Services

Be our guest and click to download some of these examples from the books. It might tempt you to come to a seminar, or purchase the textbooks.

Tool 2.03 - Refreshing the group's skills and knowledge.pdfThis tool will help your workgroup to refresh its shared service skills and knowledge.view
Tool 3.01 - Deciding what you don't want to share.pdfThis tool will help in constructing a cross-party or board agreement on which services to share.view
Tool 4.04 - The Jenga Checklist in shared services.pdfApplying the "Jenga Test" to de-merging an individual service.view
Tool 1 02 Creating a rapid PID - Free SSA Website Download 09-03-12This tool will help your partners to jointly develop a quick-and-dirty project initiation document (PRINCE2 PID) at an early stage, to satisfy the needs of those who want some kind of basic business case. It can then act as part of the trust and vision journey in “Understanding The Drivers For Change”view
From the Shared Service Architects Business Case Toolbox Tool 2.04 Right project for the right time 18-09-10.pdfMany shared services stumble because they try to do too much when there is a lack of experience and trust between partners. This simple tool addresses that problem. To find out more about SSA business Case Toolbox click here: