Shared Service Leadership From The Top Seminars and the "Top Ten Tips" for Politicians or Public Sector Board Members

Decision-makers in local government, fire, FE, HE, police or housing associations, have a key leadership role in collaborative transformation, including shared services, but they are destined to commit the expensive mistakes of the past if they are not aware of them.


Click here to download a guide to the in-house Shared Service Leadership From The Top session for your Board Members

Click here to download a guide to the in-house Leadership From The Top session for your Councillors

Recent reports from LGA, HEFCE and NAO illustrate that public sector decision-makers (ie Board Members or Councillors) lacking a history of collaborations and shared services, could repeat the very expensive mistakes of the past. Yet in just two hours, you can equip them with the knowledge to work effectively in the highly complex space of collaboration and shared service activity, and avoid gambling with the success or failure of their involvement.

This two hour, in-house session, will help your Councillors to explore how to be strategically effective when stepping into collaboration or shared service activity.

 Example "Top 10 Tips" booklet

Top Ten Tips draws on the key lessons from the 40-year academic study of shared services (Inter-Organisational Relationships) coupled with our research studies with public sector bodies conducted at Canterbury Christ Church University. The combined research points to the fact that collaborations and shared service activities in the private and public sector frequently stall, or fail, through a lack of clear strategic leadership from the top.

Drawn directly from our Shared Service Leadership From The Top seminar, the ‘Top 10 Shared Service Tips' booklet will help you understand the key decisions and actions you need to take to be effective as a leader in a partnership environment.

Click here to download your free copy of the 'Top Ten Tips For Your Shared Service Journey' booklet. There are specialist booklets adapted for each sector - this is for Councillors.


If you would like to know more about holding a “Shared Service Leadership From The Top” session for your council or board, please contact for an informal discussion.