Independent Shared Service Project Gateway™ Reviews

Our 2009 research indicated that the average time for shared service projects to journey from initiation to delivery or rejection is between 28 and 36 months. Looking across the sector in 2013, this still seems to be a reasonable time scale.

Cross organisational transformation projects such as shared services are by their very nature complex and vulnerable to changing partner needs and commitment.

To ensure that the partnership remains committed to a collaborative solution throughout the journey, it can be helpful to introduce a number of brief, independent reviews, at key stages of the process.

Externally facilitated, shared service gateway reviews can help to ensure that the partnership is on-track, on-time and on-budget to successfully deliver the shared vision.

It can also bring external challenges to management who are reluctant to take the project forward because of the impact it may have on their employment, or employment of colleagues.

Shared service solutions need to be sufficiently agile to adapt to changing circumstances and needs. Regular, independent reviews will help test their relevance in a rapidly changing environment.

Our experienced shared service practitioners can provide the tailored key stage review processes designed for your partnership's needs. Tailored gateway reviews can include part or all of the following:

  1. Rapid, computer based shared service simulation to ensure your business case financials are still valid

  2. An assessment of the strength of the partnership's trust and shared vision

  3. Peer challenge with decision makers and project leads to evaluate if the project can be accelerated

  4. An independent final report and a truth-telling statement as to whether the project is still viable, or unlikely to deliver the desired outcomes.

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