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Brent Council to axe 10% of workforce in bid to save £50 million by 2014 Local AuthoritiesView
Confirmation that TUPE keeps national collective agreements in placeView
Joint management expected to double Local AuthoritiesView
Lancashire to outsource £1.9bn ICT projectView
New centre to see all council workers under one roof Local AuthoritiesView
Total Place now let's see those savingsView
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Public Sector Outsourcing Surge In 2010View
£600k saving is scuppered after council pulls out Local AuthoritiesView
157 Group Annual Report 2009View
2006 London Shared Services Strategy Local AuthoritiesView
2008 CiLCA - Section 7 Power of Well Being qualification Local AuthoritiesView
2009 Value for money updateView
2012-13 The Impact of Government's ICT savings initiative Blue Light Services, Economic Development Companies, Further and Higher Education, Health, Housing Associations, Local Authorities, Voluntary Sector OrganisationsView
4ps Collaborative options evaluation and appraisal of service delivery modelsView
4ps ppt on EU procurement rules and shared services Local AuthoritiesView
50 Ways To Save: Examples of sensible savings in local government Housing Associations, Local AuthoritiesView
A Brief History of Public Service ReformView
A brief informal guide to the TECKAL TestView
A Frontline Force: Proposals for more effective policing Blue Light ServicesView
A Guide for Scrutinising Public-Private Partnerships View
A Problem Shared View
A shared approach to building a better Scotland Local AuthoritiesView
A shared future for integrated servicesView
A shared vision for the direction of our partnership. HealthView
A wider brief to share legal costs Local AuthoritiesView
Achieving Prudent Healthcare in NHS Wales Health, Housing Associations, Local Authorities, Voluntary Sector OrganisationsView
Achieving transformation in two-tier areas Local AuthoritiesView
Acting on Localism The role of housing associations in driving a community agenda Housing Associations, Local Authorities, Voluntary Sector OrganisationsView
Adapting to Austerity Blue Light ServicesView
Advert for Shared Head of Revs and Bens Service Local AuthoritiesView
After the Crash: building a new economic future the co-operative wayView
An Organisational Development Resource Document for Local Government View
AoC and 157 Group Collaboration and Shared Services Grant Further and Higher EducationView
Are You Looking at Shared Regulatory Services? Local AuthoritiesView
Are you really ready to share?View
Arms-length external organisations (ALEOs): are you getting it right?View