Why Take A Qualification In Collaborative Leadership?

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Leading public purpose collaborations isn’t easy. It requires agile leaders who can exert leadership beyond the boundaries of their authority. For example, influencing across powerful departments within their organisation, or facilitating change in partnering other organisations, and applying influence deep into the communities and localities they serve. Collaborative leaders must seek to reconcile diverse interests of people, power and politics, building consensus, common ground and trust.

Leading public purpose collaborations is now more crucial than ever. The challenges facing public sector leaders today are immense. Faced with a perfect storm driven by an uncertain economic outlook, unprecedented levels of public spending cuts and deep seated social, cultural and commercial challenges, there is recognition that public sector organisations, businesses and communities need to find new ways of working collaborative together to build a better society.

Opportunities for collaborative leadership to ‘break the mould’ are now at the cutting edge of the public service transformation. Examples include the blending and integration of adult social care and health services, new approaches local economic growth led by LEPs, and the pooling of community and neighbourhood budgets.


The Public Sector Collaborative Leadership Programme

In partnership with University of Derby Corporate, we’ve developed the Public Sector Collaborative Leadership Programme to respond to these challenges.

The programme combines the flexibility of short courses suited to meet the needs of organisations and partnerships together with a qualification pathway to a Postgraduate Certificate in Collaborative Leadership for individuals seeking to enhance their personal collaborative skills set.

Specifically designed for senior managers, directors, councillors and partnership board members,  seeking improved value outcomes through more effective collaborative working within their organisations, between organisations working in partnership and across neighbourhood and place-based partnerships.

It will help sharpen your collaborative leadership skills and behaviours, enabling you to confidently lead beyond organisational boundaries. You will be able to:

  • Increase you personal effectiveness as a collaborative leader
  • More readily spot and respond to collaborative opportunities
  • Transform your organisation through better internal collaboration and innovation
  • Work more effectively in partnership with other organisations to deliver efficiency saving and improved service outcomes
  • Better engage and support community-based collaborative activities and solutions

You will have a grounding in the theory and practice of how to overcome the problems and key issues in collaborative leadership within your organisation, in partnerships and across communities.

You will be equipped with 60 highly practical tools, templates and techniques that you can use in your collaborative leadership roles in any of the three settings.

You will have access to probably the largest library of collaboration and shared service knowledge online in the UK.

You can receive weekly email news letters to update your understanding of collaborative leadership issues and track who is doing what across the public sector.

Gain the Collaborative Leadership Qualification