Road test your shared service solution before implementation

Modelling the options for a shared service is very important. It probably takes maybe eight to twelve weeks to create the Excel spreadsheets and work through the process with post-it notes to establish which is the most viable choice. Even then it may not be clear what the variable impact might be.


Shared Service Computer Modelling can do the same piece of work for you in hours. This will save thousands of pounds in senior management time and consultancy costs, and bring forward the launch of the new service.

Therefore Shared Service Computer Modelling pays for itself and is not an added expense of a project.


Answers in minutes not weeks…

Drawing on years of practical experience and a deep understanding of operational research principles we have built and piloted a suite of computer based shared services process simulation models designed to help you road test your options.

We can help you input your proposed new processes and performance data into the model and straight away you will have your answers, in minutes rather than weeks. You can even see the simulated work-stream operating on your screen!

The modelling templates allow you to review different options quickly by varying processes and performance data to your requirements. Members of your workgroup can sit in a modelling meeting and call out things like "Suppose there were two less employees?" or "What happens if the number of service requests went up 10%?". And the answers will be on the screen in minutes.

You can even explore the wackiest theories you may have about minimum staff numbers, allocation of work, changes of cost, reduction in failure demand, etc. And it's visual so you can see the results on the screen in front of you like this:

OR Model for a shared service - from emial 27-07-11.jpg

This is one of the most radical, cost saving innovations in the shared service field. An opportunity for you to "try your shared service out", before you put money into its development", increasing your confidence to convert a business case into a project.


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