The SSA tools are now online...

little man cropped wih The SSA toolkits are now available online!

Over 200 collaborative working and shared service online tools, templates and techniques are now online and ready for use in combined authority, city deals, mergers, collaborations and shared service working

Over 500 public sector organisations (from police, fire, local and national government, housing, FE, HE and health) are applying one or more of the seven Shared Service Architect's tools, templates and techniques in their collaborative leadership, collaborative transformation and shared service projects. You can see examples of who they are by clicking here.

But paper based versions are limited to only those with the books!

From 2016, the full 200 self-explanatory online tools, templates and techniques are available as PDFs for download and use across all your staff and partnerships.

So, whether you have 300 staff or 3,000 in your organisation, or one partner or 20 in your collaborations, everyone can become a valuable collaboration team member by applying the  PDF tools, templates and techniques.

It is low-cost, and fosters an effective, tried and tested, culture of collaboration to reduce organisational spend and accelerate collaborative projects.


What are the SSA tools, templates and techniques?

By providing this online library of tools for your colleagues, they will have access to over 200 tools, templates and techniques that are drawn from the seven printed toolkits below. The research informed toolkits are part of the national SSA™ and CTArc™ programmes for public sector collaborative working.

The tools are also woven into the teaching on the Postgraduate Certificate in Collaborative Transformation at Canterbury Christ Church University. They are academically underpinned and fiercely practitioner focused. What you read in the morning, you can be applying effectively in the afternoon.




Click here to download the SSA Online Toolkit Guide

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The SSA Online Toolkit Guide will explain the licensing fees, how the system operates and the role of SSA Librarians. You will also see how the tools are clustered around an easy to use "problem seeking - problem solving" methodolgy, so that the best tools for the job can be selected.

This guide will help you understand how to get the best from the tools. They have been clustered to support the Collaborative Working Journey Map (shown on the front cover) starting with Collaborative Leadership and ending with Operate and Improve. So, no matter which stage you are at in the journey, there are tools, templates and techniques that can help you.

Click here to download the Licensing Agreement

The Licensing Agreement sets out the terms on which licenses are granted, the rights to unlimited downloads of any of the tools by licensed users named in the agreement, the terms of use, and the fee agreement.

If you would like to discuss the SSA Online Tools in more detail please email Alternatively you can ring Dominic on 0333 939 8909.


Click here to download some example online tools to play with…

TV 101 - 2

Each standard tool is set out in its own six-page layout, and designed so that what you read in the morning, you can be applying that afternoon. Pages one to four explain the the tool, situations you might consider deploying it in and the learning, academic and practitioner underpinning.

Page four also contains a step-by-step guide, in the blue column, to applying the template, tool or technique. Page five provides an example layout of the tool so you can develop and adapt it for your specific purpose. Page six is a user log to record when and how you used the tool and any adaptations you would make when using the tool again.

Most of all though, these tools will inspire you to build your own ideas for tools, templates and techniques. Equipped with these tools, this is your opportunity to be enterprising and innovative and accelerate the success of collaborative projects you, and your colleagues, are working on.

The tools can also carry the brand of your organisation for an additional fee.

What is the role of an SSA Librarian?

Fotolia 59949071 S librarian picture framedWhen purchasing licenses, each organisation will be asked to nominate a number of employees who will be given access to the full online library of tools, templates and techniques. They will become the SSA Librarians. 

For the standard online tools package, partners can share up to 10 SSA Librarian roles. It does not have to be 5 each, they can be shared proportionately depending on the structure of the collaborative working.

For example a major workgroup may be based in one of the partners. So they could appoint 7 SSA Librarians and the other partner appoint 3. Additional partner organisations can add 5 SSA Librarian roles to the partnership. Again these can be shared proportionately depending on the structure of the collaborative working.

If an SSA Librarian leaves the organisation, or steps back from the role, another can be appointed in their place for the remainder of the license.

The role of an SSA Librarian and their training

The role of an SSA Librarian is to help their colleagues choose the most appropriate tools, templates and techniques for their projects. The best people to choose for the role are SSA recognised Practitioners or Architects who will already understand how the tools, templates and techniques work.

However, as part of the licensing fee, a member of the SSA team will spend a half, or full day with the nominated SSA Librarians to help them understand how to gain the most from the tools library. The fee for this time is included in the annual licensing cost. Additional days can be arranged, for a fee, if required. The librarians will also receive regular updates notifying them of new tools and support materials added to the online tools library, as it expands.

Through regular use, the SSA Librarians will gain an understanding of the tools and their effectiveness and offer the best advice to colleagues. Colleagues can discuss with an SSA Librarian the problem they are looking to solve and the SSA Librarian can mix-and-match a range of PDF tools to pass onto them. If helpful, SSA will provide reasonable support to SSA Librarians in choosing the most appropriate tools from the library. At the discretion of SSA, requests for in-depth support may attract a fee.

SSA Librarians as copyright guardians

SSA Librarians also act as a copyright guardian to protect their employer against infringement of copyright. In the Guide to the SSA Online Tools, there are clear guidelines indicating what does, or does not, infringe copyright. This will help SSA Librarians in their role.

The basic test of copyright focuses on whether the SSA tools are being circulated - in their entirety - beyond the organisations, partnerships or individuals who are licensed to use them, or are being used to generate income through training or sales of the materials - when SSA already provide that training.

Click here to download the SSA Online Toolkit Guide   The guide will explain the licensing fees, how the system operates, the role of SSA Librarians and how the tools are clustered around a problem seeking, problem solving system.

If you would like to discuss the SSA Online Tools in more detail please email Alternatively you can ring Dominic on 0333 939 8909.