Collaboration & Shared Service Skills And Knowledge For Your Partnership

panel_header_partnership.gif70% of the shared service project managers, interviewed for our research at Canterbury Christ Church University, said that they wished they had spent more time on partnership relations and less time on the business case. Once a partnership is formed to develop shared services, it must be kept continually nurtured and sustained. Strong trust and a compelling shared vision must be kept alive between the partnership decision-makers by the project team and the leadership.

Our research into the development of shared services indicated that the average time from initiation to delivery is between 28 and 38 months. In fact we suggested the 24/4 rule which asks, why does it only take 4 months to write a business case, but 24 months to deliver the first service?

To accelerate the time from initiation to the first day of shared delivery, we have created a range of tools, templates and support activities. These can be used to nurture, sustain, speed up (and even close down) shared service projects your partnerships are working on. You can draw on these during your shared service journey to bring external advice and expertise into your work.

They can also help you gain significant savings by reducing the cost of delay. Click on the options below to see if we can help you: