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Welcome to what is possibly the largest library of links to shared service documents, papers and articles in the UK.

The library materials stretch back over the last five years, but that doesn't mean the documents are irrelevant to you. In fact many links are to developmental materials and reports that are as relevant today, as they were when written.


The documents, reports and papers are chosen specifically by our group of Shared Service Architect tutors because we feel they add value to the field of shared services and Inter-Organisational Relationships. So the library is better than the randomness of Google, because it has been professionally filtered.

You can search by a key word that interests you, generating a range of documents which the librarians feel are relevant to that word.

Or you can visit a "shelf" to gain all materials that relate only to that sector or service.

If you cannot find materials that meet your requirements then please email who manages the library.

Although there are many hundreds of documents in the library, we have over 1000 documents in our in-house research library and may be able to help further.

If you have a document you would like to the add to the library then please contact Dominic too.