The 2016 Collaborative Leadership Programme

Combined Authorities projects, Health and Social Care integration, Blue Light transformation, Shared Services and improved collaboration within organisations will be key to public sector reform and managing budget cuts through to 2020 and beyond. This will require the leaders and senior managers to gain the outcomes they desire through intensive collaborative leadership as well as traditional hierarchical leadership.

What is the difference between collaborative leadership and traditional leadership?

‘Leaders are those who articulate a vision, inspire people to act, and focus on concrete problems and results. (But) collaboration needs a different kind of leadership; it needs leaders who can safeguard the process, facilitate interaction, and patiently deal with high levels of frustration. Collaboration works when leaders keep the process going.’ Chrislip and Larson (1994) Collaborative Leadership

Collaborative leadership is the art of pulling people together from different units or organisations to accomplish a task that none of them could accomplish – at all or as well – individually. By definition, collaborative leaders have no formal authority over their peers. They must use persuasion, technical competence, relationship skills, and political smarts to get and keep the coalition together and produce the desired goal. Russ Linden (2003) The Discipline of Collaboration.

In partnership with University of Derby and Canterbury Christ Church University, we have developed the SSA Collaborative Leadership Programme to meet the needs of public purpose leaders and senior managers who will be required to lead collaboratively either internally, with other organisations, or across their communties.

Tried and tested tools, templates and techniques

Adopting the same methodologies deployed in the development of our highly successful Collaborative Transformation Programme, the SSA Collaborative Leadership Programme combines the flexibility of three, one-day, in-house sessions suited to meet the needs of organisations and partnerships, together with a qualification pathway to a Postgraduate Certificate in Collaborative Leadership or Postgraduate Certificate in Collaborative Transformation for individuals seeking to enhance their personal collaborative skills set.

We have specifically designed the Collaborative Leadership Programme for senior managers, directors, chief executives, councillors and partnership board members, who will need to develop, integrate and deliver services through more effective collaborative working within their organisations, between organisations working in partnership and across neighbourhood and place-based partnerships. For example, in Combined Authorities, Blue Light transformation, Health and Social Care integration and Shared Service projects.

With its strong academic underpinnings and ruthless practitioner focus, it will help sharpen your collaborative leadership skills and behaviours, enabling you to confidently lead beyond organisational boundaries. You will be able to:

  • Increase you personal effectiveness as a collaborative leader
  • More readily spot and respond to collaborative opportunities
  • Transform your organisation through better internal collaboration and innovation
  • Work more effectively in partnership with other organisations to deliver service transefficiency saving and improved service outcomes
  • Better engage and support community-based collaborative activities and solutions

You will have a grounding in the theory and practice of how to overcome the problems and key issues in collaborative leadership within your organisation, in partnerships and across communities.

You will be equipped with 100 highly practical tools, templates and techniques that you can use in your collaborative leadership roles in any of the three settings.

You will have access to probably the largest library of collaboration and shared service knowledge online in the UK.

You can receive weekly email newsletters to update your understanding of collaborative leadership issues and track who is doing what across the public sector.

The choice of three sessions

You can choose from three inter-connected workshops with accompanying toolkits and support material, each addressing in turn the three perspectives of collaborative leadership:

Day 1 - Collaborative leadership within your organisation

How can leaders deliver value through better collaborative working within their organisation?

Day 2 - Collaborative leadership between organisations

How can leaders work together to secure wider systems value through sharing and collaborating?

Day 3 - Collaborative leadership across communities

How can leaders engage, build and support community-based collaborative activities and solutions?

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