Why use a mentor to accelerate your personal success in collaboration and shared services?

Using the Shared Service Architect's programme to equip yourself with the skills and knowledge to be effective in collaborative transformation, including shared services is only the start of your project journey.

Being a shared service practitioner can be a lonely, tough and highly emotional role. In addition to working long hours on projects, you have to balance your relationships with the leadership of the partners in order to maintain the status of a 'trusted person'. In addition you may be drawing up plans to make the jobs of colleagues you know well, and have worked with for many years, redundant.

Both these issues can make it difficult for you to turn to leaders and colleagues to work through complex and key decision making activities in these multi-million pound projects.

However, your effectiveness can be sustained by having a knowledgeable mentor who can help you work through some of the wicked problems encountered in collaborative transformation, including shared services.

Shared Service Architects can provide you with short and long term mentoring support from their team of experienced shared service architects and practitioners.

Contact manny.gatt@sharedservicearchitects.co.uk for an informal discussion on how mentoring could support and accelerate your success.