Using a skilled facilitator for your in-house collaboration and shared service discussions

Developing your organisation’s collaborative transformation policy can be a sensitive and complex activity, that could be helped by informed, knowledgeable, external facilitation.


For example holding cross-party, or cross-board, discussions to gain policy agreement may need to go through some tough negotiations.

Or there may be a need for senior management team meetings where some of those present may lose their job as a result of partnership working.

In addition, sometimes you need informed and knowledgeable external challenges to help you work through deadlocked discussions.

The Shared Service Architects' team of lecturers and practitioners are experienced facilitators who can help you. The team have facilitated:

  • Council Cabinet discussions on collaborative transformation policy

  • FE College Board discussions on setting collaborative transformation policy and process plans

  • Local Enterprise Partnership board strategy development days

  • Senior management team collaborative transformation development days


Click here to download more details on in-house facilitated Board sessions

Click here to download more details on in-house facilitated Councillor sessions


If you would like to discuss facilitation for an event you are planning, please contact