What could possibly go wrong in shared service working?

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This special, half-day “Negative Master Class” looks at what shared service project managers can learn from the mistakes of others. Whilst case studies of success are helpful, most of us learn more from hearing about what others have done wrong!

How can project managers predict where their shared service activity might go wrong?

Depending on which research you read, the indications are that 50-70% of shared services and mergers fail to deliver on the promise of the business case, or fail outright.

For this session, Shared Service Architecture has unpacked a series of key, candid reviews and reports on failed shared service working from official sources. The total failure-cost noted in the reviews comes to over £1bn.

You can download one of the many examples which you would be working on during the session by clicking here: Table 4 – What Could Possibly Go Wrong In Shared Service working?

Action learning sets that will prevent this happening to your shared service project…

Working as action learning teams in the session, small workgroups will discuss and match the problems that the failed shared services experienced, to activities happening within their developing shared service now. That will enable them to predict where action needs to take place to avoid a repetition of other’s mistakes.

Then each delegate will work on the steps they can take when they return to their organisation. This session can also be run in-house, for just your shared service project leads, or team as part of a review programme.

Who has experienced this session already?

Teams from the MOD, local government, police, fire and our postgraduate students have already experienced the session and taken the learning back into their organisations for immediate application at both decision-making and project delivery level.

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The 15 delegates who attend this Negative Master Class will leave with a PDF of the unpacked reviews so that they can apply them to their leadership decision-making and project delivery activities too.


Fee: £275+vat per individual delegate including lunch and refreshments for open sessions

Fee: £1,900+vat for up to 10 delegates on an in-house session with SSA expert facilitator, with provision of venue and hospitality by the host organisation