What is the single biggest mistake organisations make?

Academic research in the study of shared services (called Inter-Organisational Relationships) highlights the central role of the decision-making leadership of your organisation in colaborative transformation, including shared services.

The research also evidences that the a key mistake organisations make is to thrust their decision-makers into collaborative and shared service activities without equipping them with relevant skills and knowledge to make sound judgements.

As a result, the organisation can lose influence in the early discussions, to experienced and equipped leaders from the other partners. This can create a relationship in which an organisation becomes, and potentially remains, a ‘junior partner’.

The obligation for decision-making leaders is to step up to the mark and play an active role in leading the collaborative transformation, including shared service discussions. Before doing so they should equip themselves with the collaborative transformation and shared service skills and knowledge to be confident in this space and be clear on what the organisation seeks from a collaborative venture.

They will then exhibit what the academics call a ‘collaborative advantage’ -  high levels of control and influence in the partnership development discussions. 

Shared Service Leadership From The Top is a two hour seminar for the leadership of your organisation. Used for board or council updates or awaydays, it is for those who want to know more about collaborative transformation, including shared services before voting them through.

The two hour session equips them with tools, templates and the knowledge required to be effective, and confident, in collaborative and shared service decision making and partnership discussions.

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To open an informal discussion on a ‘Shared Leadership From The Top’ seminar for your organisation, please contact manny.gatt@sharedservicearchitects.co.uk