Who has attended our seminars?

What are the job titles of those who have attended our taught sessions?

Area Partnership Managers

Arts Development Managers

Assistant Chief Fire Officers

Assistant Building Control Managers

Business Development Specialists

Business Improvement Team Leaders

Business Information Analysts

Change Management Directors

Chief Executives

Chief Finance Officers

Chief Solicitors (S151)

Client Relationship and Programme Managers

Council Leaders

Council Members

Corporate Change Managers

Corporate Directors

Customer Services Managers

Deputy Chief Executives

Development Managers

Directors of Corporate Resources

Directors of Governance & Finance

Directors of Internal Services

Efficiency & Improvement Managers

Environment Services Managers

Executive Directors

Finance Managers

Heads of Community & Economic services 

Heads of Corporate Development 

Heads of Customer Services

Heads of Finance

Heads of Human Resources 

Heads of ICT

Heads of Leisure Services

Heads of Localism & Decentralisation

Heads of People & Organisational Services

Heads of Regulation

Heads of Revenue and Benefits

Heads of Service Development, Culture, Sport and Communities

Heads of Sourcing, Procurement & Contract Management Managers

Heads Performance and Partnerships 

Legal Business Managers

Leisure & Cultural Services Managers

Partnership Improvement Managers

Policy & Performance Managers

Principals (FE)

Principal Accountants

Procurement Managers

Project Managers

Senior Business Development Officers

Senior System & Process Improvement Leads


You can read feedback from customers who attended the seminars at the Customers' Evaluations page