Why are collaborations and shared services so difficult?

One thing is certain, developing successful collaborative transformation, including shared service is difficult. This is evidenced in the 40 years of academic study on shared services, called "Inter-Organisational Relationships" IOR for short. (Google it to learn more).

IOR tells us that in general up to 70% of private sector mergers or shared service projects, whilst not necessarily failing, do not deliver the desired business case outcomes for three key reasons.

  • Firstly, a lack of leadership ambition to drive through the difficult decisions on redundancies, relocations and the required change in culture.
  • Secondly, the projects are under-resourced and added to managers' day jobs.
  • Thirdly, the teams who lead the work are untrained in key collaborations and shared service skills and knowledge - especially those required to successfully develop and sustain relationships between partners.

The UK public sector is experiencing the same problems with a large number of collaborative transformation, including shared service projects stumbling to success or crumbling. This is causing reputational damage to both the development teams and the organisations in the partnerships.

To respond to this challenge a new role has emerged, that of a qualified shared service practitioner, someone trained and skilled to work in the development of public sector collaborative transformation, including shared services. A shared service architect is a shared service practitioner who has completed the Postgraduate Certificate in Collaborative Transformation or similar qualification, and can evidence experience in leading successful collaboration and shared service activities.

This website and the Shared Service Architect's programme and toolboxes are dedicated to helping you develop those practitioner skills and the knowledge required to successfully initiate and implement collaborative treansfomation, including shared service solutions across the public sector. To help you get it right first time and to turbo-charge your CV as a recognised shared service professional.